Member Survey Results

This survey was taken by business association members in 2018

How many times a year do you attend GRHBA meetings?
Why do you attend meetings?
What day and time are best to attend a GRHBA meeting?
How likely is it that you would attend meetings regularly if the day or time were changed to your preferred day and/or time?
What GRHBA benefits are important to you?
Do you have existing working partnerships with other local businesses such as mutual discounts, packages, etc...?
Would you like to have more local business partnerships?
What features would interest you for the GRHBA website?

What business-related topics would encourage you to attend a meeting, seminar or workshop?

  • Bring in experts in retailing and social media training.
  • Up and coming events.
  • Smart growth specific to the Rock Hall Rt. 20 corridor and Main Street
  • Once a quarter it would help to have Gov’t rep, ie jacobs to discuss issues
  • How to encourage new business growth and participation
  • Bringing more businesses to Rock Hall
  • How to grow your client base
  • Marketing, Trends in the Tourist and Sailing Industries
  • Have seminar topics that relate to a specific business (retail, marina, restaurants)- how to recapture the loss of revenue due to a liquidating customer base, and the impacts that County Govt make upon the small business
  • Advertising – social media
  • Social media
  • Rock Hall and County Rules and Regs, what other businesses do
  • Social media

How can the GRHBA better serve you and your business?

  • Help coordinate activities for mutual support
  • Change the time and day of the meeting
  • They already do a great job
  • Research other ways to promote Rock Hall to a larger regional audience
  • By finding ways to advertise to Marylanders in dense population areas.
  • Helping to facilitate joint business relationships to enhance revenue.
  • Continue to growth advertising avenues to attract more visitors
  • More ways that businesses can directly connect in order to find ways to work together
  • Arrange for evening meeting and include video conferencing
  • Early afternoon meetings (lunch time) or at 4:30 p.m.
  • Sorry we are not there more often. Out of town for the winter
  • I’d like to see the meetings at 8 instead of 9. Less impact on opening the business.
  • Good survey. Thanks for keeping us informed!
  • We need to try to figure out a way to get businesses to be open more hours
  • Doing fine